In 2014 I a wrote a song every week

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Recording
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Maybe you saw this, maybe it passed you by… anyway I thought I would post one last time about it as I will be taking the ’52’ songs down by my Bandcamp site in exactly one week whilst I decide what to do with them – whether to split them and use them for different projects or attempt some ridiculous 69 Love Songs/Dan Hayward endeavour (I already have some ideas).

You can download all 52 songs for free (or name a price if you would like) for one more week. So that’s until next Monday at midnight.

The year covered a lot of different genres and of course a vast array of recording and writing quality. Some were recorded in the studio, some on tour round Germany or the UK, some with various other songwriters and one on a phone in a Cash Converters in Elephant & Castle but I am happy with the majority of the songs which I don’t feel is bad going. There’s definitely something of worth in there and I am glad I pushed myself to complete the challenge. The tracklisting currently runs from most recent (track 1) to the first song I wrote in 2014 (track 52). Enjoy.

I’m heading back to Blighty from Australia tomorrow as well to show my band what I’ve been working on out here. It’s been progressing nicely. I am in fact listening back to the demos as I type. Lots of dirty bass organ and Casio style drums underneath pretty acoustic guitar, mandolin sounds (the mandolin is over 100 years old and belonged to my great grandfather) and lots of layered vocals. Not too mention the myriad background noises of cicadas, galars, dry wind and rain all of which will still hopefully be on there by the time I’m finished with this album (I always tidy up TOO much!)

Anyway. One week. Get downloading.


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