Aside from music, I also draw strange inky characatures of my heroes and villains. Sometime I do it for other people and sometimes just for my own brain. Here are some I have done in the last couple of years…

  1. jamie furber says:

    Hi Richard

    Nice to meet you and the rest of your band last night at The frog n fiddle. Great set man.

    Listening to ur album this morning. Really cool.
    Your voice reminded me of a band I thought ya may like. Kingmaker – check out the album: to hell with the humdrum. nice illustrations mate. Love smarmy Davis Jr. You’ve Captured that chin.

    Jamie – fight the bear

    • Cheers Jamie.
      It was a pleasure to play with you chaps as well.
      Been having a cheeky nose around your site too – I like your drawings.
      I’ve not heard of Kingmaker but I’m always up for a new favourite band (though if his voice sounds like mine, that might be a bit weird/self obsessive).
      Hopefully we get to play with you again some time.

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