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Vadí? Nevadí.

Vadí? Nevadí.

With that first album ‘Down There For Dancing’ coming out this month there’s not been a chance to post here about any of the ‘Project 52’ shenanigans but they’ve still been happening.

Recently Ben Hayward of Mancunian Matters interviewed me about the project and you can read all about it here:

So I haven’t really posted the last few as I didn’t want to swamp you all with ’52’ music at the same time as relentlessly pummelling you with the ‘Down There For Dancing’ album, the new videos for ‘Wag…’ and ‘Illya Kuryakin’ and forthcoming live dates.

Here’s a quick catch/round-up of all the previous ’52’ tracks I haven’t posted about…

O Joyce
Around Springtime I remember somebody (I can’t remember who) talking about a macaw owned by a friend of theirs.

Apparently macaws live for a very long time and this one had been around for donkey’s years (or macaw’s years I suppose).

This macaw used to say often the phrase: “Make us a cup of tea, Joyce!”
Not unusual for one of these birds to mimic human speech however what interested me was that Joyce was apparently the long dead grandmother of the current owner and that the mother remembered her grandmother (Joyce’s mother and the current owner’s great grandmother) saying this to Joyce.

The bird was quoting the matriarch from beyond the grave.

Quite pleased with Harry Nilsson-esque mouth-tuba backing vocals on the choruses. Definitely more than a little bit of a Kinks vibe as well.

Listen here:

Fudge Mountain
An excellent topic suggestion from my old Johnny5thWheel collaborator Andy Lyth. The song ‘Pure Imagination’ from the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory soundtrack  was written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse and has long been one of my all time favourites. I’ve covered it in my live sets with Johnny5thWheel and on my own for about 5 years now.

When a lost chapter of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl was recently uncovered Andy suggested to me that I write the song Newley and Bricusse might have written had this chapter been made into a scene in the WW movie. Newley is a huge influence on me (and others… think no one ever sounded like Bowie before Bowie? Check out Newley.)

It was a tantalising suggestion and once I had started working on it I got chatting with Mickey Van Gelder (wonderful songwriter and fellow Newley enthusiast). We discussed and swapped the sort of chords Newley used to like using and I asked Mickey to come and help me record the song. He is playing playing and providing backing vocals.

Listen here:

Vadí Nevadí
This track is inspired by Daisies – the 1966 Czechoslovak film written and directed by Věra Chytilová. I watched it at a music hall in Aldgate in September.

Would really like to get some violin on this track. Any gaps you might hear in the instrumentation here are definitely crying out for a violin part.

Listen here:

I recently played a house show with Natalie McCool and we thought it would be fun to meet up and write/record a song together. It was. Lots of fun. I went over to Liverpool and we recorded it onto my phone at her rehearsal rooms. Then I made some overdubs when I got back to Manchester.

Listen here:

Like every track on the ’52’ page so far these are all demos but I have just started to pick through this collection with The Tontine to figure out which ones we would like to record for our next album. This project has been mammoth, maddening but ultimately very rewarding. There are only SIX songs left to write before I complete my challenge. I remember vividly being six songs into to the challenge and starting to realise what I had let myself in for. Anyway six left and I’m still taking topic suggestions. Not only that if you wanted to add any additional parameters that might be interesting as well. Just tweet your suggestions @LomaxRichard on Twitter ( and add #p52.

Is mighty Samsung a-smiting me?

Is mighty Samsung a-smiting me?

Deadline: 18th June 2014
Topic: Songs of Praise
Listen to the track here:
Produced by: Kev Morel


It’s useful stuff. I use it constantly to make music, to tell people about the music I make, to tell people about the music someone else has made.

The two items of technology I use the most for this are my laptop and my phone.

Last Wednesday I was enjoying a meal outside a local Japanese restaurant when a gentleman came up to try and sell me a flyer for the Sealife Centre for a pound. A hustle I found perplexing, amusing, laudable and irritating all in the space of five minutes. Half an hour later I realised my phone had been stolen. Gadzooks! It was new phone as well. I had been living in the cold, shadowy netherworlds that is life without a smartphone since the start of the year and I finally bit/bought the bullet and got myself one.

Completely forgot about my brush with this supposed representative of the Sealife Centre until the police asked me two days later if there had been anyone handing out flyers (it’s a common scam apparently). Of course there had! The conniving potherb had done gone and stolen my new toy. What is a middle class, first world-er to do eh? Anyway back to the netherworlds with you, boy. For one glorious week I was able to upload photos to Twitter and check my Google calendar whilst out of the house and record demos of songs when they entered my brain but one week is all I was allowed.

Last Friday I had taken my laptop to Preston to be looked at by a kind gent of a man because it had been running slow and freezing every now and again. Unfortunately I got a bit stressed by a very silly person who often stresses me and everyone around them out and the screen got smashed when some burger-guzzling punter careered into the soundbooth and knock it from its perch where I would never have left it if I hadn’t been so stressed… Inconveeeenient.

I tried to get it fixed quickly but alas, the shop I chose was Ink Plus on Friargate in Preston who managed to unfortunately break it even more! I would recommend avoiding them at all costs for any future repair work any of you might find you need. The lovely people at Chorlton PC are currently trying to fix but I am without a recording device leaving the ’52’ project in jeopardy. Thank crivens that DogFace Records let me go and record there but it makes all the deadlines a lot tighter.

So enough moaning. I know they aren’t real problems. I ate a slice of Norlander bread today. I watched an episode of the Phil Silver Show. I cycled to somewhere I worked and they gave me money. Later I get to play some music with Oli Hughes and Matt Cleg who are playing a gig with me at Strange Brew in Chorlton next Wednesday. So life is good. I would just very much like my technology to stop breaking and/or getting stolen please.

A friend of mine who into cosmic type stuff told me that this stuff happening to me because my birthday is in June and Mercury is in Retrograde. She sent me links to some stuff and patiently tried to explain it to me but I’m not sure I am convinced by her argument. However the thought stuck with me and when I remembered I had to write a song for First Draft with the theme of ‘Songs of Praise’, the idea for ‘A Heartfelt Plea to the (Probably Fictional) Gods of Technology’ started to take shape.

It was finished on quite before the deadline so I could perform it fresh at the First Draft night and then recorded by Kev Morel over at DogFace HQ.

The Happy Soul says it sounds like Morrissey. I’m inclined to agree.