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Kept off the no. 8 spot by a Drive-In movie showing of The Nightmare Before Xmas...

Kept off the no. 8 spot by a Drive-In movie showing of The Nightmare Before Xmas…

This Thursday will be my last gig of 2014 before heading off to play in Australia. It’s on 18th December at The Art Of Tea on Barlow Moor Road in West Didsbury, Manchester with Gideon Conn and Kate Ashton Butler.

And those lovely folk at the Big Issue would tell you it’s the ninth best thing you could be doing this week in the whole of The North of England.

Tickets available for just £6 (and that ridiculous 60p booking/transaction/handling/scratchingyourbum fee so £6.60 really – sorry about that everyone!) from wegottickets here:

And here’s a Xmas song to get you in the festive mood too – this week’s ’52’ song is about blood, orgies and human sacrifice… you know… the real meaning of Xmas. Also it’s got a Casiotone MT100 all over it – the most Xmas instrument of all.

Anyway free/name-your-price Xmas download here:


November gigs

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Gigs, Releases

14.11.27 Strange Brew MANC v2

The album ‘Down There For Dancing’ is out on 30th November but myself and the Tontine will be playing some gigs before its official release where you’ll be able to pick yourself up a cheeky early copy.

Thursday 27th November 2014 at Strange Brew, MANCHESTER
Attend HERE

Friday 28th November 2014 at Mother’s Ruin, BRISTOL

Saturday 29th November 2014 at Frog & Fiddle, CHELTENHAM

Sunday 30th November 2014 at Moon & Sixpence, GLOSSOP
Attend HERE

The album is available for pre-order now from Bandcamp
Get your mitts on the album HERE

Debut album from Richard Lomax & The Tontine, ‘Down There For Dancing’ is being launched on Thursday 27th November at Strangebrewbar on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton, Manchester.

See full details for the gig here:

You’ll be able to pick up a copy of ‘Down There For Dancing’, the 12 track album on CD on the night but if you just can’t wait til you can pre-order the physical CD or the digital download (if you order now you’ll receive ‘Wag The Wonderbitch’ and ‘Hôtel X’ right now).

Order the album here:

Filmed and edited by the very talented Jay Sillence of Soundsphere Productions.
Check out his other work here:

The single and b-side (a surf rock instrumental by the name ‘Illya Kuryakin’) are available for free download here:

Big thanks to Ellie for starring in the video, Mark from The Happy Soul for helping with the puppeteering and to Strange Brew for letting us film in their bar. We’re holding the launch for the album there on Thursday 27th November and The Happy Soul will be supporting along with Esper Scout and Lisa Marie Glover.

August/September tour with Tim Holehouse

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Gigs


So behind with this blog. Whilst planning the tour and simultaneously trying to finish my first album with The Tontine (‘Down There For Dancing’ – out in November) and writing and recording a new song every week for the ’52’ project something had to give… writing a new song every week is tough enough without writing about writing a new song every week.

I am currently on an eleven date tour of England with “mutant blues-man” Tim Holehouse (slide guitar/beard/sour mash voice). It’s been eventful, taking in our last ever Tontine gig with guitarist Matthew Cleg (sob) before he leaves for Brighton (though you can hear his jaw dropping guitar work on the ‘Down There For Dancing’ album when it comes out) then a Mansun convention in Chester organised by my old Johnny5thWheel cohort Andy Lyth for which I recorded a cover of my favourite Mansun song – ‘An Open Letter to the Lyrical Trainspotter’.

From there through Leeds, Manchester, two gigs in Liverpool (including one very meta-gig at the Lomax – weird seeing your name EVERYWHERE in a room you’re playing, like that scene from ‘Being John Malkovich’), Keith Allen’s local in Stroud, one of my best ever gigs at the Cheltenham Underground house show and on to Bristol for Mr Wolf’s last night.

What? Just me?

What? Just me?

Our next show is at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane in London and it looks to be a very interesting bill with Kerttu and Emel Michael playing as well. Then on Thursday we’ll be playing Billy Childish’s stomping ground The Medway at Poco Loco before I head over to Bristol for one last gig at the Anarchist bookshop Hydra Books (I think I am on at 6pm but am awaiting confirmation) before returning to Manchester to organise the release of ‘Down There For Dancing’.

Oh and amongst all this Tim and I found time to write and record a drinking song together for the ’52’ project. It was originally going to be a two part drinking *and* hangover song but it look like I will be facing the hangover alone when I get back off tour. You can hear and download the song at the usual place here –

News to come on the official release of my first album ‘Down There For Dancing’ and some blogs about the ’52’ songs that I have written when I get home.

Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep?

Deadline: Wed 16th July 2014
Topic: 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester
Listen to the track here:

This week’s tune was a commission to record a theme for the 24:7 Theatre Festival which is taking place around Manchester from the 18th to the 25th July. See their website for more details of the events they are putting on…

I believe I’m playing Bridgewater Hall for them on Thursday 31st July which is the day before Burt Bacharach plays there (which I am going to count as supporting him, it’s just a really early slot…)

I kept it lyrically simple so it could function as background or intro music but as well as my trusty Omnichord I had a lot of fun with my new theremin synth plug-in as well as recording and processing the sound of me using some drills (real DIY style).

Next week’s song is about a house I used to live in. You can also still vote on the tracklisting for my next album by picking your favourite from this ’52’ project and tweeting it @LomaxRichard with a #p52.

Dance The Chorlston in the serious moonlight!

Dance The Chorlston in the serious moonlight!

Deadline: 16th April 2014 
Topic: The tale of two places 
Collaborator: FirstnameFrank
Listen to the song here:

This was written was for a performance at the First Draft nights in Manchester. They were celebrating their 2nd birthday so they had asked performers to pair up to work on something. It’s an interesting night for writers, actors, musicians, comedians and poets to display works-in-progress and ‘first drafts’ to a less judgemental audience. Absolutely ideal for the freshly written/ink still drying songs of the ’52’ project

This was the first of the ’52’ songs that I would have perform live immediately after having written it. I’ve been moving on from week to week committing only a few of them to memory. The evening was being filmed so hopefully you should be able to see a shaky rendition of me and Frank performing the song live soon.

The topic for this week was chosen by my co-writer, FirstnameFrank. Frank and I have both recently moved from Preston, Lancashire over to Houmous Village and self proclaimed Riviera of Manchester, Chorlton. 

With messy lives this involves a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between both places. There apparently is a famous term ‘NYLon’ used to describe people in a similar predicament to us albeit involving more money and glamour as they flit between New York and London. 

So Chorl-ston was born. A combination of Chorlton and Preston. High brow stuff.

Frank wrote the chords for the verse and bridge and I added lyrics to them as well as an extra instrumental bridge and chorus before we arranged the middle 8 together. We were going for a cross between Samba and the Charlston but I think we might need a better percussionist than I to pull that off. 

The coda is Frank’s. A beautiful Bond-esque chord sequence and melody with lyrics about home, happiness and family. I enjoy singing that bit a lot. 

Please check out Frank’s solo material here: 

Next week’s topic is the Mudanity Of Work which I shall be writing on my own but the next few weeks after this will be some interesting collaborations.

NB – This is the fifteenth song of the year! I am officially over a quarter of the way there…