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New video and single

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Photo, Releases, Video

Ahead of debut album ‘Down There For Dancing’ (out on 30th November) there will be a video release for ‘Wag The Wonderbitch’ which will be available for free download along with b-side ‘Ilya Kuriaken’ (raucous surf-rock instrumental).

The video was filmed and edited by Jay Silence of Soundsphere Productions and will be available to watch on Sunday 26th October via Youtube and Videscape.

Keep an eye on this site for links to the free download and the video but until then, here are the photos from the shoot. Enjoy…


In the studio

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Photo

Recording has reached new heights of feverish activity on the [mk ii] E.P. in order to have it ready for the Southern gigs at the end of this month (though that might just be the Manfluenza that I am currently suffering from).

Last night was the latest in some excellent recording sessions with Cleg (of the Bedlam Six), Phil Howley (drummer for Liz Green), Kev Morel, Clem Neveau and Joel Roberts.

Aside from a couple of additional guitar parts and my final vocals (really need to recover from this Manflu), it’s pretty much ready to be mixed.

There’s a interesting idea for the artwork/cover for this E.P. which I’ll post up next week, along with which songs will be on it.