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Illya Kuryakin video out today

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Releases, Video

B-sides. They got a short shrift. They barely even exist today. To a lot of younger music fans they’re just something that their parents told them about and that’s a shame. They may be unnecessary, archaic throwbacks to the early days of pop but I still miss them.

Famous B-sides include ‘I Am The Walrus’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’. Some of my favourite B-sides include ‘Trade Winds’ by SFA and ‘Dancing The Manta Ray’ by Pixies. (I might add more to this list in the comments when I think of them. Add your own – it’s good to share.)

The lead off single from the forthcoming album ‘Down There For Dancing’ is ‘Wag The Wonderbitch’ which Jay Sillence made a video for but that single had a B-side… and that B-side is ‘Illya Kuryakin’.

Named for the most enigmatic spy on Sixties daytime television, Illya was always my favourite growing up. Much preferred to Napoleon Solo or even that alcoholic woman beater who seemed to be quite popular.

Red Kite are an excellent production/animation company based down South and it was these talented wonders who put together the video for this. It’s lush fast paced psych imagery and probably not recommended if you suffer from seizures or a heart condition. It suits the tune perfectly I think.

The tune is an instrumental surf-rocker. A genre I am endlessly fascinated with and I’m glad I got make my own weird take on it. I’d like to do more.


Filmed and edited by the very talented Jay Sillence of Soundsphere Productions.
Check out his other work here:

The single and b-side (a surf rock instrumental by the name ‘Illya Kuryakin’) are available for free download here:

Big thanks to Ellie for starring in the video, Mark from The Happy Soul for helping with the puppeteering and to Strange Brew for letting us film in their bar. We’re holding the launch for the album there on Thursday 27th November and The Happy Soul will be supporting along with Esper Scout and Lisa Marie Glover.

New video and single

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Photo, Releases, Video

Ahead of debut album ‘Down There For Dancing’ (out on 30th November) there will be a video release for ‘Wag The Wonderbitch’ which will be available for free download along with b-side ‘Ilya Kuriaken’ (raucous surf-rock instrumental).

The video was filmed and edited by Jay Silence of Soundsphere Productions and will be available to watch on Sunday 26th October via Youtube and Videscape.

Keep an eye on this site for links to the free download and the video but until then, here are the photos from the shoot. Enjoy…

Tour Diary pt 1

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Gigs, Releases, Video

[Footage taken on tour in Heidelberg at the Leitstelle. This is Peer van See. A superb German musician playing a song he’d written just for me about me based on knowing me for 3 or 4 hours. This is actually a remarkably accurate summation of my personality as I am sure that friends will attest to.]

Through London, Brighton and on to Dover where a badly timed toilet stop nearly put paid to the entire tour. A ferry over to Dunkirk and it’s only(!) 600km through France and Belgium to our first gig in Karlsruhe at local Irish bar Scruffy’s. I realise that seems a long way to go to play an Irish bar but Scruffy and his staff were kind, accommodating people intent on getting us drunk (I’ve since discovered this to be a trend in Germany -very intent on getting me drunk – who’s complaining?)

Support on this tour is from my DogFace records labelmates Kev Morel and Forge On! who both put in great sets on day one and have continued to do so every night since. Also in attendance that night was a former bass player of The Pogues, it’s always a treat to meet a Pogue.

Day two in Kaiserslautern was at The Clearing Barrel, a G.I. bar and café run by the amazing Meike. The Barrel was set up as part of a series of not-for-profit organisations who offer military counselling as well just being all round sound and safe places. Everyone we met in Kaiserslautern was welcoming and lovely and the gig was one of my favourites that I have played. I played a long set consisting of songs from the [mk iii], old Johnny5thWheel numbers and the newer 52 songs and still they wanted more so they were treated to some drunken renditions of I Feel Fine and Keep The Customer Satisfied by all three DogFaces.

It’s not been all gigs gigs gigs here. I also have songs to write and record (one every week as I may have mentioned) – this week’s was actually written as part of a songwriting workshop I was engaged to give at FutureSkills college in Salford. I worked on the song in a one on one session with a very talented student named Saskia who is singing on the track. It’s called ‘Mistakes’ and it’s the poppiest thing I have ever written. Obviously writing every week was going to mean that some tracks would be surprisingly different but I never thought I would write a song like this. Do have a listen here.

Day three and onto Heidelberg. A beautiful city seen on a beautiful day drenched in glorious sunshine. The Heidelberg castle sits over the Rhine and is home to the biggest wine barrel in Europe/the world? Our host, promoter and fellow musician on the bill was Peer van See. Peer had put together a gig at Leitstelle which is a former fire station converted into an art space. It’s a very interesting building and was great to play but I am genuinely gutted I didn’t get a go on the pole which has since been retired.

Thank you to Indie Rock Kid for their review of the gig which you can read here.

A day off and some stolen moments meant I had time to record some backing vocals from Kev and some guitar from Ben on the ‘Mistakes’ song and even email the track back to Blighty for Chris Ball to play some gospel-soul organ on.

Next week’s song appropriately is on the topic of ‘Brits Abroad’ and as I still have another week out here in Europe I have decided that this will be my first ‘two-part song’. Part one will be up next Monday and part two the Monday after so as ever, keep ’em peeled, watch the skies, so it goes.

We leave for Mönchengladbach today and play at Kultube on Wednesday 2nd. See here for more details on that.

Filmed at DogFace Studios towards the end of 2013 by Kev Morel. This is a song called Windmills which will be one of the 13 tracks on my forthcoming debut album out this year. You can hear one of the rootsy recordings I made of it with a bunch of very talented, very busy musicians here at the DogFace bandcamp.

Live video – New song

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Video

The talented chaps at Central Eyes Media filmed me playing a very new song at The Salutation in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and they’ve cut together a video. The song was so new it didn’t even have a name but John Ainsworth has decided it’s called Weapons Of Mass Destruction which is better than any of the cringe inducing names I had (Dope ‘A Mine and Quickbirthday being two of the worst offenders) – so thanks John.

I was dreading watching this a bit as I’d snapped a string on the song before I played this (the only song being filmed) which is probably why I look a touch annoyed. However I think it’s not turned out too badly.

Check out other videos by Central Eyes here: