Commission based pieces of music. Usually a bit left of centre or unusual.

Peter & The Wolf Productions

Here’s a showreel from Peter & The Wolf Productions which I provided the music for.

You can listen the track here:

The Me And Perrin And Everyone We Know Show

In 2009 Joel Ransom started a radio show called ‘The Me And Perrin And Everyone We Know Show’. It had interviews and live sessions.

The premise of the show took place in The Browns Hotel in Southsea, a rickety old building that came to life for the duration of the show each week. Joel would wander from room to room visiting guests and musicians including a poet who squatted in the cellar, an acoustic musician he kept locked up in the shed and his ever pervasive stalker, Beverley Bogg.

There were also an assortment of talking seagulls, rats and household items which came to life and sang songs at him.

I was asked to record these songs with the brief ‘Muppets-meets-Mighty Boosh’.

It was very silly and a lot a fun.


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