Press resource – Down There For Dancing

(formerly of Johnny5thWheel&thecowards)

RELEASE DATE: 30th November 2014

“Richard Lomax is a madman. As he sings his drunken, manic, sea-shanty style songs, his eyeballs roll into the back of his head, his face distorts into scowls and frowns and he wails unexpectedly, becoming more than just a mouth-piece for the songs but at one with the despair the song depicts… compelling, screwed up and brilliant.” – Melissa Davey (The Music formerly Drum Media)

“…raw, unfiltered emotion presented with such wit and worldly wisdom” – Roland Monger (Listen Wiv Monger)

Link to listen to Down There For Dancing on Soundcloud

‘Down There For Dancing’ is the debut album from Manchester based Richard Lomax & The Tontine and is out on Sunday 30th November 2014. It will be available for download from Bandcamp and on CD. This will be preceeded by a launch gig on Thursday 27th November at Strange Brew in Chorlton, Manchester and some other dates yet to be announced.

The majority of the album was recorded live at the King’s Arms in Salford with vocal and Omnichord overdubs occurring at Lomax’s home and DogFace Studios in Manchester.

‘Down There For Dancing’ is a collection of songs Lomax had written before the theft of his laptop and subsequent loss of his back catalogue of music in 2013. He has been writing and recording like a man possessed in an effort to replace the body of work that he lost. This first set of ‘lost songs’ date from the last decade and it has taken this long to finally give these songs their proper release in their right way with the right musicians.

The Omnichord is an electronic autoharp which peppers the album appearring on opener ‘Glamour’, the dreamlike ‘Windmills’ and the epic ‘Hôtel X’. Ingrained on the album are Lomax’s influences (Harry Nilsson, Love, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Bowie, Magnetic Fields) all filtered through his own distinctive style. The electric surf and garage sounds mingling with acoustic folk-noir and lo-fi sensibilities.

Some of Manchester’s finest musicians were involved in the live sessions for this album including Cleg (Bedlam Six), Simon Borkin, and Oliver Hughes (Faitala). Additional percussion comes from Phill Howley (drummer for Liz Green) and Kev Morel with upright bass on closing track (the haunting ‘Wellness’) from Joel Roberts.

The album will be preceded by a free download of single ‘Wag The Wonderbitch’ which will be accompanied by surf-rock instrumental ‘Illya Kuryaken’ and a video for ‘Wag…’ featuring the world’s first love story between two Omnichords (complete with Omnichord sex scene). The single and video will be out on Sunday 26th October.

Lomax continues to write a new song every week of 2014 for his forthcoming ‘52’ project due for release in 2015. Find more information on the ’52’ project here.

Please find photo and artwork available for download below.

Link to listen to Down There For Dancing on Soundcloud

Press shot for download

Press shot for download

And a shot of the lush 3D artwork courtesy of Dan Morris

includes real shoelace

includes real shoelace

Contact: for more information


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